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Made In Canada

Welcome to Kaon Furniture

Environmental Responsibility

At Kaon, we strive to use materials and processes that minimize our manufacturing impact on the environment. All of our hand made furniture, from dressers to bunk beds, are all hand built out of Canadian Red Pine. The lumber we use is harvested locally from managed forests in Northern Ontario; this reduces the carbon footprint of our product by reducing emissions from transporting raw material to our manufacturing facilities. This is a far cry from imported furniture produced from lumber sourced from forests that have been clear-cut, as well as emissions resulting from the finished product circumnavigating the globe before it reaches your doorstep. We also source our lumber from firms who share our views of reducing the environmental impact of our operations wherever possible. Our main lumber supplier, Falcon Lumber (www.falconlumber.com) is a proud accredited member of the Forest Stewardship Council (www.fsc.org) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (www.sfiprogram.org).

Virtually all of the hand-crafted furniture we produce is finished, not only because it looks great, but because it increases its durability and ensures that it can be enjoyed for many generations. Here at Kaon, we have undergone various improvements to our facilities and practices to continuously meet and exceed the Ontario Ministry of the Environment Standards for air emissions that result from the finishing of our products. We have updated our spraying equipment so that we now use 25% less liquid finishing products during application. We also updated our exhaust system so that it filters and reduces concentrations of overspray more effectively, further reducing our ecological footprint.

As well as our products being environmentally friendly, our scrap is as well. Any waste wood is sold as firewood or made into wood dust, which is shipped to local farms to use as bedding for horses and cattle.

Even our staff does their part to reduce their impact on the environment! Since we are located in rural Ontario, and many of our team members live minutes away from our manufacturing facilities, the majority of our staff either bike or walk to work.

For those that seek a local, environmentally conscious alternative to imported furniture without sacrificing quality, the answer is right in your back yard, at Kaon!

-The Kaon Team


Kaon Bunk Bed

Loft Beds 

Maximize sleeping space in your child's room or at cottage. Our Loft Beds are hand-crafted from Solid Red Pine (1”x6” Rails, 1”x4” Ends). Available in multiple configurations.

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Beautiful and durable, our Solid Red Pine dressers available in a variety of configurations.

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Mission Beds

Inspired by the arts and craft movement to create a stylish and functional piece that highlights the natural beauty of Solid Red Pine. Standard package consists of headboard, foot board , rails, and 3 box spring mattress supports